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Dr. George - Testimonials

“The Best aesthetic Dentist and Staff. Thank you for my phenomenal smile. My smile says it all.”

- Jacintha D.

“I wanted to mail you this photo sooner, but the opportunity always seems to pass. I am writing to let you know that I absolutely adore my new smile. I have received more compliments now with my new bright smile then ever before. With each passing day I grow more confident and feel better about myself. Thank you for providing me with such great satisfaction, that only a doctor with love for his work can do.”

Great Appreciation,

-Serafina V.
Huntington, NY

Dr. George - Testimonials
Dr. George Soropoulos – Celebrity Testimonial

“As a patient of yours for the past nine years I have always appreciated your dedication in the matters of my dental health. Your advice and long term plan on how to approach and correct the problems that have developed over the course of time have always been sound and logical. Your decisions have always been with the best interest of your patients in mind. Choosing to use the best method for long-term results rather that a quick fix has always been your recommendation.

When it was recently diagnosed that it was necessary to remove one of my front teeth, your work in reconstructing the entire upper front portion of my teeth was nothing short of remarkable. Use of the latest technology in dental procedures, your attention to detail, as well as your aesthetic skills, is commendable. I am able to show off my picture perfect smile broadly and with confidence. All of my family and close friends were amazed with how nice my smile looked. As for myself, I cannot believe the significant and wonderful change every time I brush my teeth.

You are the Michelangelo of mandibles, the DaVinci of dentistry; Mona Lisa has nothing over my smile.

I would also like to commend your experienced and professional staff. Your hygienist, Ria, truly shows sincerity when performing the general maintenance of cleaning and checking my teeth, and Karina, not only is she an efficient and knowledgeable assistant, she also makes you feel quite comfortable during the procedures. It is nice to have Jennifer there for a pre-procedure stress and tension-relieving massage; it makes for a more comfortable visit. And last but not least, Andrea, her vast understanding of how my insurance plan works and her efforts in moving that process along smoothly make the financial process as painless as the dental work.

I thank you for all that you have done for me.”


“My new smile was definitely a life changing experience. Not only am I not afraid to smile and show my teeth now, my new smile has also given me more self confidence. Having my teeth fixed was one of the best decisions I have ever made.”


“Miracle accomplished…Overcoming my biggest fear and receiving a million-dollar smile. Dr. Vitale and his team took care of my very difficult stained teeth case with meticulous attention and technique to give me a smile that I could only dream about. I am forever grateful.”


“I would like to thank the amazing team with Dr. Vitale.  They are professional, accommodating and take every effort to make your dental experience as comfortable as possible.”

-Amaris A.
Miss New York, United States