Boca Raton Periodontist

Boca Raton Periodontist

Boca Raton Periodontist

Our Boca Raton Periodontist Micheal P. Hennessy, DDS, MS, has advanced specialty training in Dental Implants, Periodontics, and Periodontal Related Surgeries and is available for you at our East Boca Raton location.

Education and Experience

Dr. Hennessy, was born, raised, and educated in NY.  He moved to Florida after graduating from New York University School of Dental Medicine.  He then graduated top of his class as a Periodontist from Nova Southeastern University Dental School.

Your local Boca Raton Periodontist is an expert who can help you with periodontal, or dental implant concerns.  He is highly skilled in all aspects of periodontics, bone and gum grafting, crown lengthening, extractions, including treatment involving complex reconstructive procedures involving multiple extractions, grafting, implants, and gum surgery.

Dr. Hennessy is particularly interested on how Osteoporosis, Bisphosphonates and Systemic Diseases affect oral health.  Additionally, he has great interest and extensive experience in Grafting, Dental Implants, and Crown Lengthening.  He has been part of numerous lectures and seminars involving Dental Implants and Periodontal Therapy.

As a result of his great experience, patients request Dr. Hennessy because of his specialty and interest in Periodontics.  Dr. Hennessy received extensive training as a periodontist including Oral Sedation training to allow him to provide a painless, anxiety free dental visit.  He is known to be a local Boca Raton Periodontist that is gentle, caring, and skilled.

Dr. Hennessy is available to advise, and care for your Dental Implant and Periodontal needs.  Call our Office at (561) 391-3337 if you have any questions or concerns, or for Dental Implant Consultation.

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