Orthodontist in Boca Raton

Orthodontist Boca Raton

Dr. Rubensteen has been a local Orthodontist in Boca Raton for many years. He specializes in the study of Orthodontics and tooth alignments.  At our Mizner Park Dental location, we strive to choose professional and skilled specialists to work  together with our local dentists in Boca Raton. Dr. Rubensteen fits this criteria perfectly. He graduated with honors from the well known an appreciated Harvard School of Dental Medicine. This master in the study of orhtodontics was involved in various types of research about the orthodontic field.



What is an Orthodontist?

An Orthodontist is known to be a dentist who spent two extra years of his dental studies specializing specifically in the study of orthodontics. This orthodontist received extra education and training in the study of orthodontic study and teeth alignment diagnosis. An Orthodontist specialize’s in the alignment of tooth using either braces or aligners. Orthodontists concentrate on only treating patients with orthodontic cases and therefore becomes native to this treatments on a day to day basis. Orthodontists use their great knowledge in orthodontic care to treat patients with a wrong bite and misaligned mouth. When performing orthodontic treatments the orthodontist must stay professional and predict  and solve future issues that could occur. Orthodontic treatments must be well planned and the orthodontist must be prepared and ready for the changes in the growth of the tooth.

Dr. Rubensteen: An Orthodontist in Boca Raton

Dr. Rubensteen has spend many years living in the south Florida area gaining experience as a local Boca Raton Orthodontist. He was involved in various types of orthodontic research and community service. He uses the highest orthodontic techniques and materiel to ensure high quality dental care to his patients. Dr. Rubensteen is an Invisalign certified orthodontist, and is offers different aligners and braces including: SPEED braces, iBraces, Invisible Braces, Ceramic Braces, and Lingual Braces. This local Orthodontist in Boca Raton has great experience in  both simple and complex orthodontic cases, and would gladly create a beautiful smile for you.

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